And Breathe….


Yesterday I was anxious, I was going to a new dentist; I hate going to the dentist. I have watched The Little Shop Of Horrors after all! I was also early which meant I was sitting for what felt like forever in the lovely waiting room, wave music and bird song and carefully chosen soft furnishings. Luckily I had had the fore thought to bring my ‘stealth knitting’ kit. I’m currently working on ‘mini projects’ and these little needles (at around 10cm) are perfect.

So I took a deep breath and started knitting. At first the knitting felt as jittery as me, but over a few stitches I focused on the act of knitting, the way the needles moved, the feel of the yarn. And then the magic happened, my breath slowed, I began to feel calmer, I had stopped worrying about what might happen and was entirely there, in that moment; those moments are priceless.

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