The Small Things


I took my daughter and her friend out the other day. We had a picnic, petted some animals then off they went. While they were off playing I got my knitting out of my old lady trolley and worked on some facings for handles.  Keeping an eye and an ear out for falls, arguments and what-nots I quietly cracked on with my project.

Now, had I been sitting there with my phone perusing Facebook, which I often do, I would have fallen foul of the judgement often found in online blogs about selfish mums who aren’t interested in their kiddies antics blah blah  (personally I think of those blog writers as frenemies and they could mind their own business.) As a knitter I was just as preoccupied as I would be on the phone but had a couple of people come over and ask what I was working on. So here’s the thing, we; well actually I often use social media to connect with others and yet here was me, sitting in a public space, knitting… having real life connections with others.  For someone like me, shy and awkward in social settings, this was nice. I enjoyed it.

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