Knitting To and Fro

needles 3

So, why do my kits come with circular needles? Although some of the patterns require knitting in the round, some don’t so what’s the point of the circular needle ? Well here’s the thing.  If you have ever tried to shove a full length set of knitting needles in your handbag, chances are they’ll be sticking out the top, chances are that, eventually you’ll lose one, or break one.

It was on one such day when I had been busking in town and taken my knitting with me that I discovered (once again) that one had dropped out.  Once again I went up to Frieda at the Knitting Box (don’t bother looking for her online, akin with many knitting shops, she doesn’t take cards and doesn’t believe in the internet) and she didn’t have the needle size I needed.  She DID have a circular needle in that size and she explained about knitting to and fro and how she used them all the time now for all her knitting.  Frieda is a Pro. Who am I to argue.  So fast forward to when I decided that I would put my designs into knitting kits, it was the obvious choice.  Good quality, good length circular needles.

If you’re not quite sure what I mean, check out my YouTube Tutorial.

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