Halloween is coming! Costumes have been in the shops since the end of August which has been a bit annoying along with the massive boxes of sweets at the end of every flaming aisle which makes shopping a bit of a pain with a 5 year old.  But Hey! I’m no stick in the mud.  I like painting my face green and door knocking random strangers as much as the next parent.

I do like to make something of Halloween though, like the time when I dressed my baby in a home-made Edward Scissorhands costume …. ah that was a classic! This year I have excelled myself once more. I’ve only gone and made some KNITTED HALLOWEEN DECS! I really like them.  My little girl really likes them (unlike the scissorhands costume, although in fairness it was only when we added the foil-covered cardboard scissor hands that she started to complain).  She wants me to make lots of them.  who am I to argue.

It seems wrong to keep them to myself. So heres the pattern. FREE.  All you need to be able to do is knit and purl and there’s a tutorial video to help you with the rest if you need it. just download it, it’s yours.


I’d love to see your results  – post them to  my Facebook page.


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