Don’t get your knickers or your knitting in a twist

circular knitting

It took me ages before I was ready to try knitting in the round on my circular needle. Eventually I tried it, the first time (fluke) was ok, the next time, and the time after that AND the time after that I twisted the work.  That’s a real pain in the butt. There no getting round a massive twist in the work.

So anyway I’d given up and was knitting a cowl to and fro and I thought ‘hang on! just knit to and fro until you have enough work to see if it’s twisted or not’…..  BINGO! I’ve never twisted my work since.

Also when you’re knitting in the round think about it as a big ole spiral.  You don’t need to knit purl to get stocking stitch as you’re always knitting on the right side.  That took a bit of getting used to, especially with the rib and moss stitches but easy once you get into the swing of it. So if you’re still shying away from knitting in the round, check out my tutorials.  The first is about joining the work and the second is about how to keep track of  your rows.  Happy knitting!

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