Keeping the soul fire burning


I’ve been asked if I have any tutorials on how to put work right, e.g pick up stitches and so on. The first (silent) answer is ‘Hell no!!!’ Sure I can fix my own work but please nobody ever hand me their work for putting right. My more reasoned answer is there are people who do it so well already and it’s just not one of my strengths.

I really enjoy doing the ‘how to’ tutorial videos related to my designs, but when it comes to understanding how to fix your work you can’t do better than  Lucy Neatby.  Sure you have to pay for it but it’s been the best money I’ve spent and has got me out of all sorts of holes, literally.  Click here to check it out

Which brings me to something I believe is important – does it resonate? Yes I could  do a tutorial but it doesn’t resonate with me, I have no drive or desire  to do it  to do so would be to move away from that which keeps my soul fires burning.  Doing something because you think you should, or because others think it’s a good idea is a robber of time and is like damp leaves on the fire of your soul.  Lots of smoke. not much heat.  Do more of what you love. Always.


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