The Many M’s of Makery


I really struggle with visualising which makes designing an active, hands on process rather than something that happens on paper before being realised in Yarn…  Today I wanted to make a hat  with the new yarn and I thought I could share some of the process

My Many M’s of Makery.


This is the very start of the process – the tension gauge, deciding the needle size.  I take pictures sometimes, make a note on my phone sometimes. Make notes in my knitting book.  On the surface it seems very haphazard but I have a good memory for where I recorded things.


Ok more like sums, but working out how many stitches it will take at the chosen tension to make a hat or a cowl is key to getting something to fit! I’m usually pretty spot on, although there have been some disasters, or ‘learning experiences’… The cowl in the variable thickness yarn that is no use to man nor beast, the adult hat in aran that doesn’t even fit my daughter…. ho hum…


So then I start making. Sometimes I write down what I’m doing as I go.  Sometimes I don’t.  I often regret that because however ‘straightforward’ and ‘Obvious’ I think the knitting is, working it out after I’ve knitted it can be a real pain in the ass.  On the flip side, stopping every few rows to write stuff down is also a pain in the ass.  So I’ve developed a ‘short hand’ for the bits I think might not be obvious and just get on with the rest as  I like to just be in the process as much as I can.


I make a lot of them.  Partly because I am making something unknown, partly because I’m trying out new stuff all the time and am largely self taught and partly because I get distracted, like in the middle of a meditation when you start to wonder if you turned the oven off. So  theres the unraveling and  the starting again. sometimes several times.


Sometimes the mistakes are happy mistakes.  Serendipitous. Some times I have an idea and it comes out way better than I thought. That’s when it feels like Magic.  Discovering what works and when. Being self taught means I have not rule book.  That can be very liberating.

So, there it is.  that is how I work. I don’t always get it right.  I don’t always like what I knit. I sometimes have no idea how to knit what I want.  It can be frustrating and slow but I never stop marvelling at the fact that I’m making an outfit shaped piece of fabric out of a single thread!




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