Things I love about knitting


I was in Wells today with my stall. I really enjoyed myself.  Standing there, knitting, chatting to people about knitting, finding out what sort of knitting people like to do.  One lady told me all about her lace knitting, imagine the many millions of stitches that involves.  Another lady told me she’s bought herself a spinning wheel. I can’t help thinking of sleeping beauty when anyone mentions spinning wheels.

Even when I’m not on my stall (I often knit before I start busking)  I find myself talking to people I would never have normally because I’m knitting.  Quite simply, Knitting brings out the ‘Social’ in people; and you should know, I’m probably one of the least sociable people I know…. until you put knitting needles in my hands.  So that’s one of the many reasons I love knitting

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