Halloween Horror Story!!!!!



Once upon a time, I was terrified of knitting cables; for yonks.  I love the look of them, I really really wanted to do them but whenever I tried to read the pattern details, my brain would switch off and it was like reading some ancient, as yet untranslated language.  I felt like if could knit a cable I would be a ‘proper’ knitter.  They seemed to possess some super natural magic that I would never quite grasp.

Then, one day Avril, (one of my lovey Pilates participants) and I were chatting about knitting and she said she had knitted a cabled poncho and I said… ‘oooh cabling’s really really hard’ and she said that it was much easier than it looked.  I trust Avril., she wouldn’t lie to me.

So one summers day, I decided to try and work it out.  And I did.  I quickly discovered the reason for a cable cast on (unless you want an edge that wiggles with every cable) and then I worked out that I could incorporate it into my favourite rib, the knit below rib.  I also realised you can use just about anything as a cable needle although some are more successful than others.  True, if you were on a desert island and all you had was a pen, you’d use it in the same way you’d probably eat all sorts of creepy crawlies, but it’s not the best; I favour double pointed needles or crochet hooks.  So here is my tutorial video in knitting cables.  Give it a go… it’s not as scary as it seems.

**Please note when I’m talking about Cable forwards, one time, I accidentally say K forward when I mean C forward… it’s a mistake that I didn’t notice for ages and will update as soon as I get a chance. **

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