That sort of week…


Our internet has suddenly stopped working.  Two hours on the phone yesterday and someone can come out and check it on Thursday sometime between 1-6. Marvellous.

We live in a valley and so there are only a few places where I  get 4G in the house; the bathroom, practically sitting in the kitchen sink etc, although my husband who has the same model phone and same network seems to have mysteriously better coverage.  This is making ‘working from home’ a bit of a trial. It’s like having dial up again! Ah well.

Yesterday I made and cut the bee puppet pattern, when I got home late after teaching I stuck the body and the head pieces. It’s looking good but I won’t know whether it works until I get the mouth plate in. That too is frustrating as the piece I need for it has gone missing.

Then this morning my little girl’s school uniform dress has mysteriously gone missing and the other 2 are in the wash. And now I’m waiting to see if my latest chemical cocktail and random stabbing at the bowl has unblocked the toilet…. it’s that sort of week. Well I thought I could make use of being stood in the bathroom!!!!

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