Life; based on a true story.

When I was studying Fashion at Falmouth School of Art, I loved to look at the design books of the designers…  I loved the wonderful fashion illustration, the mood boards and so on.  In my year there was a girl there who used to do the most striking design drawings, I can’t remember her name, it was a long time ago.  Many years on here I am with a list of colours and a question mark as to whether to use Mallard with the storm or Ice Gem…. Oh yes, that decision I made … I decided that the Flax needed to go and replaced it with Storm.  I’m still sad that I’ve not included Marni – the wonderful red in the Erika Knight Collection.

So I’ve got my designs, I’ve knitted them in a super chunky yarn but not the Erika Knight yarn so it’s the moment of truth.  When the yarn arrives I’ll cast on and see if my designs and the patterns I’ve sketched out work.  The Erika Knight comes up a bit smaller than the Super Chunky I’ve used for the ‘roughs’ – I’ve tried to allow for that.  I’m also working on different sizes for the Cape,  working up a UK 8-12 and a 14 -18.

It’s a process you never get to see in the books about fashion designers, I guess a list with errors and question marks might not portray the right image!  That’s a shame. We create myths around things where errors and questions are erased… that’s so often true in the stories we tell ourselves and the ones we tell others. The best we are able to offer is as Derran Brown said in his show one based on a true story.  We leave the bits out that don’t suit us at the time for better or for worse.

Facebook and other social media gives us the edited highlights of others lives.  I know for myself  that every now and then when ‘Timehop’ presents me with a picture full of happiness and good times I was having a pretty miserable day.  I’ve since endeavoured to make my posts more authentic.  On the flip side, the stories I tell myself about myself, when examined are not accurate either, you know the sort, when you’re having a bad day and make it worse by falling into the ‘worst person in the world’ hole. So here I am, in my 40’s and in everything I do I try to find the truth of things. Not the ‘based on a true story’ truth but a truth borne out of examining facts with understanding and a critical eye.

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