At what price

On Thursday my toes finally poked through my Ugg boots. I’ve had them probably 5 years so not bad going.

I was in the supermarket when I felt the cold air of the chiller cabinet on my tootsies and needed to look respectable later that day so I went and looked at the clothing section and found these. £23. Suede boots, made in China. You couldn’t buy the materials for that let alone get them made. However I bought them, it’s 5 weeks to Christmas I have no boots and I am in no position to be splashing out on myself.

We all love a deal don’t we, especially with Black Friday galloping towards us with the promise of massive bargains.  With the boots in mind, I am under no illusion that they will last well, and I am also aware that there is a there is a hidden cost to these cheap goods. I see it every time I do a market, people (and I mean regular people you and I type people, not hand wringing scrooges) are genuinely surprised at how much something hand made by someone with UK cost of living overheads costs. Deep down we know that cheap goods undermines us all. We can try and buy more ethically but we live in the real world where sometimes money is tight, where sometimes we simply don’t have the money; This guy from the Humans of New York Facebook page sums it up beautifully. Do take time to read it.

But we also need to be honest with ourselves. Many of us think nothing of spending £3 on a coffee everyday but at the same time expect to get a handmade hat for the same price as one in Primark (£2!). At the other end of the scale some think nothing of spending hundreds maybe thousands on goods that cost a fraction of that to make because of the label. It feels like we have lost touch with reality some how. We have lost touch with the truth of things.  Truthfulness is essential to peace and harmony.  Let seek it out.

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