We all have things we like more than others. I have a secret. I really do not like casting on. It’s all the things I don’t like about knitting. Actually the one thing I don’t like…. counting.

Ask me why I don’t crochet? Why? Because it’s impossible to do without counting. I’m not doing it. Oh and my five year old has a wicked sense of humour and as soon as she hears me counting she starts ‘Mummy…… ”

Me: I’m counting ( oh balls just lost count again) 2,4,6…..68

A: “Mummy……” (I’ve got nothing to say I’m just going to keep repeating your name… failing that I’m going to start whispering in your ear)

Me: ahhh sod it I’ll do it later….

So, I’ve had the day off today because I’m still aching all over and have a headache which might or might not be caffeine related – 3 days without coffee….

Anyway, I’m reworking the floor cushion pattern. It’s beautiful. Very. And the reason it’s taken me so long to return to it is that I have to cast on 189 stitches. 189. Ok so the Aran cape-u-chino beats that at 266 but at least that is broken up into sections…. I suppose I could have done that with the cushion side …. hmmph…. now I think of it. Ok but I still really do not like casting on, or off for that matter. I sound like Lola out of Charlie and Lola!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves knitting but has a pet knitting hate!? Tell me I’m not alone!!!! πŸ™„πŸ˜±πŸ™πŸΌ

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