Great Expectations


Christmas is just around the corner. A is literally bouncing off the walls in excitement. She’s changing her Christmas list every hour it seems which is unfortunate as none of the gifts we’ve bought her are actually on it…. maybe Santa will do some magic….

I am mid flow with my Christmas knitting working on the side panel of the floor cushion.  You know I’m going to add to the pattern to maybe knit this first …leave the more interesting circle bit to the end….having said that it’s been perfect for me as I’ve been ill and it’s been good and straightforward. My Husband keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and I can barely think of a thing…. Pistachio Turkish Delight, Warm Socks (I have those already)…ummmmmmm.

I remember as a kid asking my aged relatives (ok they weren’t that old, they just seemed it) what they wanted and they’d say ‘Nothing, I have everything’ and I would think they were insane…. seems I’ve turned into that aged relative. Except I don’t feel insane as I know I’ll have everything that’s important on Christmas Day. We’re having it up the woods. It’s going to be magical because it’s about people not stuff.

That’s not to say we don’t get swept up in the whole Christmas Frenzy…. today we’re going on a steam train to see Santa… but shhhhhhh it’s a secret.. A has no idea! So best get on… it’s not going to wait for us!!!!

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