Going back to my roots!!!

After a challenging but rewarding yoga class I feel calm enough to attempt bleaching my roots ready for some colour…it’s long overdue so fingers crossed I haven’t messed it up and it all falls out in the bath tub when I rinse it as using a new product 😳

It’s always interesting going to a class – something I don’t do so often … it energises and corrects my home practice and reminds me how twisted and off balance I am… physically not mentally, well not this week anyway!! Thank you nikki😇!

I’m still musing over the coming year.. what will my priorities be? A commitment to address the environmental challenges we face is right up there, if somewhat frustrated by my allergy to wool.

My hair is at the slightly worrisome ‘custard’ stage and I am reminded of one Sunday years ago. I had washed the bleach off too early and ended up calling my good friend, Debs to ‘sort it out’ …. she did. Miracle worker! Anyway I digress, but then I think… all that bleach, all those Chemicals..

I will be posting a questionnaire online soon and I’d be grateful if people would fill it it and share to help we with my planning.


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