How I Avoid Second Sock Syndrome

What a great idea from this fabulous knitter and blogger! ❤️🙏


I used to have a rabid case of Second Sock Syndrome (aka sss). Way back when I bought my first few skeins of Regia sock yarn, the multi colored one, I knit at least 5 single socks and never to this day went back and knit the second of the pair. I was all about seeing what the yarn would do and didn’t realize the best thing about knitting socks is wearing them. I had to find ways to trick myself into knitting an entire pair. First I tried buying only enough yarn to knit a matched pair and denied myself any other sock yarn until the pair was completed. That lasted no time at all. After trying other things that didn’t work I finally hit on what works for me: I don’t finish the first sock unless I know I have enough time to cast the second sock on…

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