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Tell me why… ( I don’t like long metal knitting needles)

I don’t like metal knitting needles AT ALL. My lovely bamboo interchangeable 5mm snapped at the weekend; I know, tragic!

I rooted through my needles and found some needles… it felt like knitting with oars they felt so long. And then my knitting technique of working really close to the tips proved problematic as the bleddy things are so slippery that the stitches were sliding off. The yarn is quite fluffy so when you drop stitches it’s a devil of a job to see what’s going on. So anyway the rib isn’t quite right in places but I’m ok with that, it’ll be near the back and today isn’t the day for perfectionism,

So thats why I knit with circular needles; everything feels so much more manageable and the stitches stay on … also I wasn’t able to shove the work in my bag as I was pretty sure it would have all have slipped off / lost a needle / some other knitting disaster. Anyway I’ve got one more row of rib and a cast off to do, I’m saving that until I get back from teaching tonight. Then tomorrow I’ll have a new hat and the pattern will have been quadruple checked. Yey for me.

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