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Naked Needles

I have naked needles!!!!!! After finishing a rather lovely cable knit boxy sweater I’m dithering; what shall I knit? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Hmmmmmm. Alice wants me to knit her one just like it but we know how this ends. Everything I have ever knitted her is either lost or ummm well lost…. Anyway I’m busy checking patterns for my in knitting book.

Am I the only person who gets jittery when I don’t have a project on the go?

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It’s good to be back

Oh My Makery red fern infinityWell 2019 has been a super busy year so far with catastrophe and inconvenience as my near constant companions! It’s been a bit of a trial and I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t always been the picture of zen like calm. But that’s life, real life. not the sugar coated, special filtered Instagram life (although I am a fan of good ole Instagram). So rather than try and do everything, I’ve been focusing on what’s important. What I CAN get done, what I am in control of. That right there shows me how far I’ve come!

So, what have I been up to? Well, as always I’ve been knitting… tonight is a rare moment where I have empty needles! I’ve also collated a bunch of my favourite patterns together because I’M WRITING A BOOK! Yup, give me until the end of the year and there will be a book full of lovely things for you to knit, along with some of my thought on life and some pretty lovely bonus material.

It’s good to log on again. I’ll be back soon.

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Spending time, not money.

knitting pile1Today our American Friends are celebrating Thanksgiving. Tomorrow many people in Europe and American will go on spending frenzy. I like the idea of being Thankful. I don’t subscribe to the whole Black Friday spending frenzy. I don’t do it. So please don’t expect any ‘Black Friday’ deals. I’m not doing any.  I don’t buy anything on Black Friday other than groceries and other essentials.

So tomorrow I will be spending my time doing the things I love with the people I love. That’s all.

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Never too early for a free pattern!

We don’t put our family tree up until December sometime. This is my Market Stall tree, complete with my lovely little knitted decorations. I’m making some new ones for this year too. If you’d like to have a go at knitting some glorious decorations this year click on the link below for the free pattern. It’s a great stash buster … what’s your preference, colour scheme or mix it up?

Creative Christmas


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Killer Knitters

Today I took my little one to the Charity shop to get her a set of knitting needles. I’m trying to teach her to knit and she had been using my stealth needles but I think maybe they’re too short.

Anyway, having looked around for them we went up to the counter and asked… ‘ have you got any knitting needles?’ The lady smiled, ‘We have to keep them under the counter’ she said, adding apologetically, ‘we had an audit…. ‘

We had a laugh, us knitters are well known for our aggressive attacks on others with our knitting needles… maybe in a parallel universe or perhaps if someone tried to interfere with our knitting making us drop stitches in complicated lace pattern….

So anyway I rummaged through the box, successfully resisting the urge to stab the assistant in the eye with a 3.5mm. I settled on a purple plastic 8mm mainly because they were the only ones they had and the box was put back under the counter like a box of dirty videos at the newsagents.

I guess anything can be used as a weapon. That’s the fearful world we live in I suppose. That a crazed maniac may spot the knitting needles in a charity shop and launch an attack. I’m thinking they could probably do more damage with some of the ties and heavy boots on display. So anyway, out of curiosity I googled (other search engines are available, apparently) whether the Health and Safety Executive has anything to say on he matter; they do. They don’t care whether charity shops sell knitting needles and see no H&S reason not to.

Ah well, it made me smile.

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Making up

Today I finished knitting the parts of my open tank. I know I’ve been going on and on about it (especially if you follow me on instagram (@ohmymakery); that’s because it’s the largest pattern I’ve worked on for a while and at times it was a bit tricky as I was doing new things.

I’ve learned a lot, and I’ll need to change a few bits a pieces.  For example, the side edging I thought would stop the stocking stitch curl didn’t. Instead I will include some garter or moss edging. Then there’s the quantity of yarn required. Just over 600g and I mean just.  I can lose 4 rows without changing the design; I’ve got a really long body so I shouldn’t have measured it on me (lesson 3)! That will ensure that the knitter can be confident that they will only need 6 balls of yarn to complete the project. I changed the neck design as the roll neck didn’t sit well, but doubling it up looks great and gives it real structure.

I would be lying if I said it’s been easy or particularly relaxing; that’s been strange. The whole point of knitting for me is to be meditative and for that I’ve always thought relaxing.

It was stressful at times because I was having to write pattern notes as I went (there was no way that I would be able to work out what I’d done by just looking). Other times I could just sit back and knit.  Where ever I was in the pattern however, I noticed a kind of stillness in myself. That I needed to be completely in the moment with the knitting. I’m looking forward to trying it again in a different yarn. A man made fibre this time. It behaves quite differently sometimes but I’m sure it’ll work.

I know some people don’t like man made fibres and there are arguments both sides. Those of you who are familiar with me know that I’m allergic to wool and so I favour man made; also it is much easy to wear and wash etc. I’m also conscious that knitting can be very elitist at times; not everyone can afford £10 a ball yarn. The diversity choose are soft and durable like so many other man made fibres.

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Two steps forward, one step back.. that’s what learning looks like

This afternoon I settled down in my Makery and had a go at adding an edging. I’d not done it before and was quite excited.

I realised fairly early on that my usual relaxed knitting style was too loose. That rectified, I was happy with the result but it didn’t do what I thought it would. My intention was that it would stop the ubiquitous stocking stitch curl edge. It didn’t. Lesson learned. Well 3 actually.

1) I tried something new and as a technique I was pleased with the result.

2) I discovered that the edging doesn’t stop the edge curling.

3) I learned I was brave enough to undo my work rather than try and make good…. I know I’m not alone in being reluctant to do this!

So going forward, the next version will have a garter edge and I’ll knit it in one piece with contrasting yarns. I’m looking forward to that. And now I’m going to make a start on the back; some lovely cable work there to get stuck into. Oh and resist the urge to buy more yarn…. I’ve made this sign for my makery…😂😂😂

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Worse problems to have

Just going through my sadly dwindling supply of Erika Knight Maxi Yarn…

I’m planning an open side easy tank top in the Artisan; I have a little of the Mallard left and will use that lovingly to edge the garment… something like this. that’s IT! No more adding to the collection until I’ve collated and checked all my patterns… honest guv’nor.

I’m pretty sure that will take most of the Artisan I have… then there’s what to do with the 400g of Pretty I forget what the grey and the purple are called… hmmm choices, choices….