Time to practice

What do yoga and knitting have in common? Well they both keep me grounded. In this world where we are becoming less and less connected with each-other and the real, tangible world, that can only be a good thing.

See, I’m a worrier. If it was an Olympic sport I’d be gold medal standard. We are what we repeatedly do, we get better at what we practice and I have spent many years practicing and working my worry muscles.

So yoga, knitting, they work different muscles. The very act of doing them keeps me in the now and this bleeds out on to the rest of the canvas of my life.

When I first started yoga and people talked about their ‘practice’ I thought they were a bit nuts but over the years it makes more sense. So my aim is to practice the things that improve life; and practice makes permanent, if not perfect!


Hang out the flags for Love! – FREE PATTERN

img_5070.jpgAs promised, here is my lovely pattern for Hearts ‘n’ Flags.  It’s super simple and is great for using up oddments of yarn, or a rather good excuse for getting some more! Its a chunky weight yarn knitted on 5mm needles for a lovely dense texture and they knit up in no time.  click on the link below to download the FREE PATTERN and check out the accompanying YouTube tutorials that will help you along the way…. you’re welcome!

Hearts n Flags



Anyone who had a heart

It’s been a funny old day. I’d planned to go busking. In fact I turned up in town, in the rain, with a shop being demolished very noisily right by where I was planning to play.

Sometimes you need to take the hint and change your plans, I mean it’s not like I don’t have anything to do. So I packed up and came home, via the shops for a new loo seat and also some supplies for the little ones party bags for the weekend.

And these little beauties? My Valentines Baby Bunting and hearts. I’m typing up the pattern and will put it on here it ASAP. Don’t worry they’re lonely quick knits, you’ve got plenty of time ❤️❤️❤️


You know what you know

I’m on a mission to learn some cool new knitting tricks. I’ve got my books out and sifted through the pages; maybe this is the year I knit socks? Just no!

1) I really cannot relax when using dpn. I’ve tried, really I have and every time my jaw aches with the concentration and effort . Not really what I’m after when I knit.

2) There’s 2 of them. Even if I start them both at the same time the thought doesn’t fill me with joy because ….

3) 4 ply!! What the hell! Just no!

So no to socks. Well not all new stuff needs to be difficult, it just has to be something I’ve not done before…. Reversible knitting.

I’m having a go, revisiting my baby bunting. Each little triangle is 2 triangles back to back. I’ve got to be honest, it’s not going so well. Maybe small triangles isn’t the best application for this… maybe the bigga bunting would work better … pots maybe… I’ll give it a real good go.

Maybe I’ll grow to love it… because I don’t love it right now. If not I’ll try something else. Because life’s like that!!


Be still my beating heart

I’ve been binge watching a series on Netflix ‘Once Upon A Time’ I know, it’s hours and hours of my life that I’ll never get back but I’ve not been idle.

I’m busy creating some love drenched decorations for Valentine’s Day. I mean what says ‘I love you’ more than something handmade. So watch this space.. I’ll be posting the pattern in a day or two.


Fits like a glove ….

I was trying out something new. Merida (the doll) is sporting a rather fetching knitted dress. It was supposed to be a glove.

A glove for a giant that is. I went down a needle size and miscalculated how many stitches I’d need. Ho hum. Every cloud has a silver lining; the little one is delighted.

So back to the drawing board but not before some more cleaning. In autumn and winter I have a little amnesty on cobwebs, after all spiders need a home too 🕷 !!!! But it’s getting warmer.. they can start making their home outside.

Then later, I’ll start again.


These boots were made for walking!!!

Last week I was planning… this week I’m catching up with all the stuff that didn’t get done over the busy pre Christmas period.

It’s killing me, returning a big pile of overdue library books, getting my hair cut, taking the cardboard mountain to the recycle centre, dropping off several bags of stuff at the charity shop… blah blah blah…. I just want to be DOING, MAKING…. 😱😱

The saving grace of this ‘admin day’ as I’m calling it is putting my much loved boots in for repair, and the cobbler says they can be fixed AND I get to pick them up on Saturday. YEY!

I know though that all of this is necessary, clearing the decks ready for the work to come. Later today I will be able to look through the quotes for my projects without all those ‘things to do’ distracting me. So however much it feels like I’m ‘not getting anything done’ or that I’m ‘standing still’ which are my 2 main frustrations, I know that I am. I know that progress does not always look like progress and doing doesn’t necessarily mean progress. And above all if there is one thing I need to learn it is patience!!


Mmmmmmm!!! Delicious

The little one and I are en route to a family birthday by train! Exciting times! We have our magazines and newspapers and we’re waiting for our connection.

Looking at the live information from the train company it’s standing room only so I’m grateful we have seats booked. We’ve got felt tip pens, paper, colouring books at the ready and that’s just for me!!! Haha! The small one is in love with Moana at the moment and is pouring over the Moana magazine; and me?

I’m enjoying a Starbucks decaf flat white in my mug muffler prototype… I love the matt black finish. What do you think?



Picked by lovely little A… spring is on the way!!! YEY!!!!

Once the chaos of getting A ready for school was done I started the day with another great yoga class from Nikki. Uncomfortable, challenging and at the same time calming and restorative. Having a teacher takes you places that you wouldn’t get to on your own. I’ve missed it.

I’m feeling like that with knitting. I’m a mostly self taught and solitary knitter. I’m not even sure what I would like to learn next. Any suggestions for techniques or methods?