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Killer Knitters

Today I took my little one to the Charity shop to get her a set of knitting needles. I’m trying to teach her to knit and she had been using my stealth needles but I think maybe they’re too short.

Anyway, having looked around for them we went up to the counter and asked… ‘ have you got any knitting needles?’ The lady smiled, ‘We have to keep them under the counter’ she said, adding apologetically, ‘we had an audit…. ‘

We had a laugh, us knitters are well known for our aggressive attacks on others with our knitting needles… maybe in a parallel universe or perhaps if someone tried to interfere with our knitting making us drop stitches in complicated lace pattern….

So anyway I rummaged through the box, successfully resisting the urge to stab the assistant in the eye with a 3.5mm. I settled on a purple plastic 8mm mainly because they were the only ones they had and the box was put back under the counter like a box of dirty videos at the newsagents.

I guess anything can be used as a weapon. That’s the fearful world we live in I suppose. That a crazed maniac may spot the knitting needles in a charity shop and launch an attack. I’m thinking they could probably do more damage with some of the ties and heavy boots on display. So anyway, out of curiosity I googled (other search engines are available, apparently) whether the Health and Safety Executive has anything to say on he matter; they do. They don’t care whether charity shops sell knitting needles and see no H&S reason not to.

Ah well, it made me smile.