Stall Stories

One of the things I enjoy about doing craft markets is chatting to people. That’s actually unusual for me as I’m probably the most unsociable person I know!

Anyway, at the Two Bridges Hotel at the weekend ( in the middle of glorious and dramatic Dartmoor) I got chatting to a lady who was impressed that I can knot standing up. I explained it was a necessity as it’s the only way I can get any done with my little one around…

The lady was joined by her husband who laughed, he reminded her that she continues to knit when she dozes off in the chair!!!! The lady laughed as well “But I never stick to the pattern and have to undo it all the next day!”

Whatever! That’s some skills; sleep-knitting!!!!


I know how to partay!!!!

No really, I’m just some kinda wild child. Somebody hold me back …. yeah!!!!

Because only the coolest, badass party animals take blondies, knitting and decaf tea bags to a party….oh and did I mention, we sorted buttons into colour tones. I was dressed like some one out of Dexy’s Mindnight Runners and believed (while stone cold sober) my host when she said she’d been out with Ant from Ant n Dec- I had a BRILLIANT time!!!!! THANK YOU!

It reminds me of the parties I’d have back in Cornwall when, come a certain hour people would start sorting the bottles and stuff into the recycling and start washing the dishes…..


Baby it’s cold outside!

Definitely a two hat day today, that and the other 8 layers! But what a beautiful morning. Jack Frost had visited and left his mark. Glorious!

So I’m in Wells again today, the sun is shining. I’ve got myself a card reader so can finally take card payments. Already I have had some lovely chats with fellow knitters. My hands are a bit cold for knitting the cape-u-chino I’m working on but they’ll soon warm up once I start.

Here’s the thing, back along in what feels like another lifetime ago I was considering training to be a PE teacher. One of the deciding factors against was that I couldn’t bear the thought of being out in the cold all winter. Ho! And here I am, standing in the cold and not minding. I guess when you want to do something you do it whatever!


Top tip for mitts (and leg warmers and socks)

The lovely thing about doing markets is chatting to other knitters. Yesterday I was chatting with a lady who knits socks. I was impressed.

I don’t have the patience you see, I knit one and then kinda lose the will. It’s a marvel that I knit mitts at all. She nodded. Then she shared with me her trick. She has them both on the go at the same time. She copied the pattern ad marks where she is in each one so as not to get confused. That way they both get finished around the same time. Bloomin’ marvellous!!!

I’d love to hear about your top knitting tips! 🙏❤️


Things I love about knitting


I was in Wells today with my stall. I really enjoyed myself.  Standing there, knitting, chatting to people about knitting, finding out what sort of knitting people like to do.  One lady told me all about her lace knitting, imagine the many millions of stitches that involves.  Another lady told me she’s bought herself a spinning wheel. I can’t help thinking of sleeping beauty when anyone mentions spinning wheels.

Even when I’m not on my stall (I often knit before I start busking)  I find myself talking to people I would never have normally because I’m knitting.  Quite simply, Knitting brings out the ‘Social’ in people; and you should know, I’m probably one of the least sociable people I know…. until you put knitting needles in my hands.  So that’s one of the many reasons I love knitting