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Never too early for a free pattern!

We don’t put our family tree up until December sometime. This is my Market Stall tree, complete with my lovely little knitted decorations. I’m making some new ones for this year too. If you’d like to have a go at knitting some glorious decorations this year click on the link below for the free pattern. It’s a great stash buster … what’s your preference, colour scheme or mix it up?

Creative Christmas


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Apparently it’s 100 days until Christmas – I’ve been reminded by several emails all promoting a wide array of bargains.I think I supposed to be panicked into starting shopping or something! 100 days is actually quite a long time.

About 4 years ago I took a challenge of posting a picture for 100 happy days. Sometimes it was easy and obvious while others I really had to work hard at finding something positive. It taught me a lot.

So it’s 100 days until Christmas; I’m going to enjoy each one, after all, I enjoy the build up as much, maybe more. There’s the knitting for a start. Yes, I’ll be knitting gifts for friends and family; some have put in requests which makes things easy. Then there’s the cooking, I love making mince pies and my husband and I both like making the cake so let’s see who gets it together this year; last year neither of us did!😂😂. Then there’s letters to Father Christmas, knitting more stuff for the stall as I have a few markets coming up. But first we have several family birthdays Halloween, Bonfire night and a whole host of other stuff. And ticking along the whole time is the daily stuff, housework, shopping, homework, Netflix binges.

Let’s fill those 100 days with love and meaning. Let our best gifts to those we love be ourselves. Let whatever we can do be enough. To come from a place a love and integrity is all we can of ourselves and each other. Let the better days fill our cup so we can weather the harder ones when we have to look for the chunk of sunlight.


We’ve turned the corner’

My wonderful little angel shrieked with joy when she opened the front door this morning. “Take a picture!” She insisted.

Just look at that sun on the bare winter trees! Moments later it was gone but how welcome! We have officially turned the corner towards longer days. Also I’ve finished work now for Christmas 🎄😃😃.

Last market✔️

Last busking ✔️

Last project✔️

All done.

And now is time to kick back and enjoy the Christmas preparations with Alice. The shopping is mostly done, the woods is just about ready so it’s mainly wrapping and finishing touches. Jerri, my husband will be back Christmas Eve and then it’s properly the holidays! Family time. Time for friends.

And then it’ll be time to reflect on the year. The progress made, there’s plenty to be proud of. But also what’s important for the coming year, what I want to do more of, what I want to change.

If I don’t get around to blogging before Christmas Day, which I might not have a wonderful time. 🎄❤️🙏🏼


A winters day, in a deep and dark December….

It was a long dark drive to Wells this morning for the Christmas Market. More than once I checked the clock on the van in case I’d got up in the middle of the night by accident…. no, 6.30 …. 7.10….still pitch black. Looking to my right to the East… still no sign of sun rise at gone 7. Tomorrow is the Solstice so it’s to be expected I guess then we can turn the corner towards spring!

After a bitterly cold day busking yesterday I’ve borrowed my husband’s coat. It’s much milder today too which is very welcome. It’s all very festive here, teaming with people and a lovely variety of stalls.

It’s my last market of the year and some lucky people will be opening my knitting kits on Christmas Day. Others will be wearing some of my ready mades. I hope they enjoy them. 🎄😄❤️🙏


Great Expectations


Christmas is just around the corner. A is literally bouncing off the walls in excitement. She’s changing her Christmas list every hour it seems which is unfortunate as none of the gifts we’ve bought her are actually on it…. maybe Santa will do some magic….

I am mid flow with my Christmas knitting working on the side panel of the floor cushion.  You know I’m going to add to the pattern to maybe knit this first …leave the more interesting circle bit to the end….having said that it’s been perfect for me as I’ve been ill and it’s been good and straightforward. My Husband keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and I can barely think of a thing…. Pistachio Turkish Delight, Warm Socks (I have those already)…ummmmmmm.

I remember as a kid asking my aged relatives (ok they weren’t that old, they just seemed it) what they wanted and they’d say ‘Nothing, I have everything’ and I would think they were insane…. seems I’ve turned into that aged relative. Except I don’t feel insane as I know I’ll have everything that’s important on Christmas Day. We’re having it up the woods. It’s going to be magical because it’s about people not stuff.

That’s not to say we don’t get swept up in the whole Christmas Frenzy…. today we’re going on a steam train to see Santa… but shhhhhhh it’s a secret.. A has no idea! So best get on… it’s not going to wait for us!!!!


Spinning plates!

So this is the second day of frankfurter sausage casserole with dumplings and very tasty it is too. I’ve been busy all day but it feels like I haven’t achieved much. My husband and I are both super busy at this time of year as many people are.

I’ve fallen behind on so many home jobs, not gotten very far with my things to do list and in 20 minutes I’ll be waiting at the school gates. I’m feeling like I’m going backwards and I’ve misplaced my special green hat to top it all! Feeling a bit sorry for myself. 😒

I have managed to make space to hide the boxes and parcels that are mounting up resulting in several bags to go to the charity shop. Done some shopping so A has a packed lunch tomorrow and celebrated the season with the ladies and gent who come to my Pilates class. So actually quite a bit accomplished. Maybe my list is just unrealistic!

When we are spinning lots of plates sometimes some will drop. Sometimes I focus too much on the dropping rather than the ones that are still spinning. Sometimes I don’t have to spin so many plates in the first place.


Home Spun – capes and family capers

I’m really enjoying knitting with the Erika Knight Maxi wool… a few rookie errors

1) don’t rub your eyes while knitting if you’re allergic to wool….

2) don’t try and wind the hank in to a ball while standing up at a windy market…

3) don’t let your five year old ANYWHERE NEAR IT when trying to untangle the mess you made at the market

Yesterday I discovered that an extra pair of hands ‘Little House on the Prairie’ style works wonderfully especially when said 5 year old happily playing elsewhere and a you have a nice cup of earl grey and some malted milk biscuits on the go!

I’ve also taken to knitting in the kitchen because the spirited 5 year old wants to learn to knit and has decided that the cape I’m knitting is the ideal place to start. Me: let me start you off with these needles here [offers some nice child friendly needles and yarn] no mummy, I’ll finish that for you. Just no.

I’m starting to shape the shoulders and debating how I’m going to do the neckline… I’ve plenty of drawings but being quite kinaesthetic I’m not entirely sure how to do it until I get there so that’ll have to wait until later when I’ve got some quiet time.

In the mean time the little one and I are having a slow day, watching Annie and eating toast thinking about getting dressed ( her not me… not yet mummy I’m drawing). It’s a busy time of year for us all so it’s nice to have some downtime, well for us anyway… my husband is working hard delighting the folk of Bath with his busking and won’t get a proper break til after Christmas 🎄

So I feel very lucky. ❤️🙏🏼


‘Tis the season for giving – FREE PATTERN ALERT!!!!

xmas decs

Because I know you have ooodles of time on your hands at this time of year…..

Seriously though.  These decorations are super simple to make and suitable for absolute beginners.  If you have youngsters around it is an ideal project for children learning to knit as they will be able to build on their basic knit stitch and they are quick to make.

It’s worth making a set of ‘stealth needles’ or using shorter needles as the size of the projects mean they can get bit lost on long needles.  The decorations make ideal keepsake or if you’re feeling super organised this Christmas, a gift decoration.   At any rate, you will treasure these decorations for years to come, unlike the the bumper box set you got last year…..

So click on the link below for the FREE PATTERN.

Creative Christmas


I CAN go to the ball!!!

It’s funny how things work out, I booked a market ages ago, it’s a Christmas Lights turning on thing. Anyway it was looking like I wouldn’t be able to do it and I was disappointed and also annoyed with myself.

My inner voice has been muttering about how I should’ve thought things through better blah blah blah. What my inner voice doesn’t know, couldn’t know is that good things happen … turns out I can go do the market. Good things happen because people are kind. It’s easy to forget that when the news is full of such terrible things.

I am forever grateful for the kind people in my life, my wonderful husband, supportive friends and the random act of kindness by strangers. Kindness is like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you use it. And often times we, I , need to use it more towards myself and not just those around me. I know I’m not alone in this.

So I’ve spent the evening getting ready, tomorrow I will be nipping into Argos for some lights and then joining in the Christmas Spirit at Bovey Tracy…. Yey!!!!


Baby it’s cold outside!

Definitely a two hat day today, that and the other 8 layers! But what a beautiful morning. Jack Frost had visited and left his mark. Glorious!

So I’m in Wells again today, the sun is shining. I’ve got myself a card reader so can finally take card payments. Already I have had some lovely chats with fellow knitters. My hands are a bit cold for knitting the cape-u-chino I’m working on but they’ll soon warm up once I start.

Here’s the thing, back along in what feels like another lifetime ago I was considering training to be a PE teacher. One of the deciding factors against was that I couldn’t bear the thought of being out in the cold all winter. Ho! And here I am, standing in the cold and not minding. I guess when you want to do something you do it whatever!