Keen as mustard!

It started off so windy that things were blowing off my stall and bowling down the road! Things have calmed down a bit and there’s even a patch of blue sky. There’s a busker playing gypsy style violin so it’s a great atmosphere.

A young lad came to my stall to buy yarn. He was around 11-12 but having said that I’m not that hot at guessing ages. Anyway, he was so keen. He crochets so I was no help to him at all. Crochet is like voodoo to me. He was inspiring in his energy and enthusiasm for his craft. BRILLIANT!

He wanted to crochet a blanket and said he’d send a picture of the result. How exciting!


Top tip for mitts (and leg warmers and socks)

The lovely thing about doing markets is chatting to other knitters. Yesterday I was chatting with a lady who knits socks. I was impressed.

I don’t have the patience you see, I knit one and then kinda lose the will. It’s a marvel that I knit mitts at all. She nodded. Then she shared with me her trick. She has them both on the go at the same time. She copied the pattern ad marks where she is in each one so as not to get confused. That way they both get finished around the same time. Bloomin’ marvellous!!!

I’d love to hear about your top knitting tips! 🙏❤️


The Other M of Makery

img_1417.jpgI wasn’t going to write anything today but then my little girl asked me to make her a bee puppet and I agreed.

I started on the head this morning and then went swimming and then to the park with a friend. Back home I started to cook soup for the fireworks party tomorrow.  And then I’m hit by the other M of Makery…. Manic.


It’s like I’ve been possessed. So in between chopping vegetables and stirring (that’s not the time btw, we never set the cooker clock) , I’ve made this… a paper pattern than could be a bee. I won’t know til I try it in foam. And it’s like I can’t wait. It’s a wonderful energy. Watch this space. 🙏❤️


Best Laid Plans….


Today had an appointment first thing and then was going busking in town. Later on I had intended to do some weights after  the little one was in bed.  That was before I woke in the middle of the night from a weird dream with such a jolt that something went twang by my shoulder blade.  It’s happened once before so this time I didn’t think I was having a heart attack, I just hobbled downstairs, took the last dose of cocodamol and tried to get some sleep.  Luckily for me I am blessed with friends who will take the little one to school as I can’t drive the heavy old van like this and also that our village, however tiny has a pharmacy.

I got overtaken on my way to the pharmacy by a gentleman in a mobility scooter. I bought coffee and a newspaper from the Spar Shop…. Today my body is less like a temple and more like a Dystopian theme park.  When it hurts less to breathe I will do some gentle stretching and if I can find a tennis ball anywhere I’ll do some rolling against a door frame as I can feel a knot as hard and bumpy as a walnut by my shoulder blade. In the mean time, the best policy is to keep moving and keep busy as what I really want to do is just moan a lot and maybe cry a bit …. neither of which will help as much keeping mobile and anyway there’s no point moaning if there’s no one to hear you do it!!!!

Onwards and upwards.  I now have the day to finish off Beaky. My shoulder means that any proper housework is out of the question but a bit of cutting and sewing, a bit of knitting maybe later or maybe even starting to make Bo, the basic head puppet will keep me busy and be food for the soul….. I’ll see how I get on.


Things I love about knitting


I was in Wells today with my stall. I really enjoyed myself.  Standing there, knitting, chatting to people about knitting, finding out what sort of knitting people like to do.  One lady told me all about her lace knitting, imagine the many millions of stitches that involves.  Another lady told me she’s bought herself a spinning wheel. I can’t help thinking of sleeping beauty when anyone mentions spinning wheels.

Even when I’m not on my stall (I often knit before I start busking)  I find myself talking to people I would never have normally because I’m knitting.  Quite simply, Knitting brings out the ‘Social’ in people; and you should know, I’m probably one of the least sociable people I know…. until you put knitting needles in my hands.  So that’s one of the many reasons I love knitting


ENS….Don’t suffer in silence…

IMG_1184Do you, or someone you know suffer from ENS (Empty Needle syndrome)? The feeling of emptiness at the end of a project, the fidgeting fingers…. have you run out of yarn or simply inspiration?

Suffer no more! Relax with one of the Oh My Makery kits. They are a cure in box with everything you need to complete your project.  All kits come with links to YouTube tutorials.

There is something for everyone so visit the Oh My Makery shop and look forward to a swift recovery.  Get Knitting!