Hang out the flags for Love! – FREE PATTERN

img_5070.jpgAs promised, here is my lovely pattern for Hearts ‘n’ Flags.  It’s super simple and is great for using up oddments of yarn, or a rather good excuse for getting some more! Its a chunky weight yarn knitted on 5mm needles for a lovely dense texture and they knit up in no time.  click on the link below to download the FREE PATTERN and check out the accompanying YouTube tutorials that will help you along the way…. you’re welcome!

Hearts n Flags



Keen as mustard!

It started off so windy that things were blowing off my stall and bowling down the road! Things have calmed down a bit and there’s even a patch of blue sky. There’s a busker playing gypsy style violin so it’s a great atmosphere.

A young lad came to my stall to buy yarn. He was around 11-12 but having said that I’m not that hot at guessing ages. Anyway, he was so keen. He crochets so I was no help to him at all. Crochet is like voodoo to me. He was inspiring in his energy and enthusiasm for his craft. BRILLIANT!

He wanted to crochet a blanket and said he’d send a picture of the result. How exciting!