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Naked Needles

I have naked needles!!!!!! After finishing a rather lovely cable knit boxy sweater I’m dithering; what shall I knit? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Hmmmmmm. Alice wants me to knit her one just like it but we know how this ends. Everything I have ever knitted her is either lost or ummm well lost…. Anyway I’m busy checking patterns for my in knitting book.

Am I the only person who gets jittery when I don’t have a project on the go?

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Work in progress.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything ; I’ve not been idle. A few things have come up so I’ve had to think creatively. Some of the colours in the super chunky range have been discontinued by the supplier. The blue, the orange so I’ve been looking at other colour combinations and also another suppliers of a similar yarn and seeing how it compares. So far it’s very favourable, working through the patterns,making sure they knit up the same size, feel good, look good.

I’ve found a really rich red, and a powder blue that sing to me and work well with the other colours. Also I’ve been working with some different chunky colours. Also I’ve been working on some new designs.  I can’t help feeling somewhat distracted, disconnected. It’s not a great feeling but sometimes I think we have to sit with our feelings. See where they lead us, Sometimes I learn more this way, new things present themselves, things I wouldn’t have found otherwise. There is also a risk however that I take a route that has no benefit at all other than to be a mistake to learn from!

So while I dilly and dally (or at least that’s what it feels like) I’m working on nice little lined summer bag and I’ve been asked to knit a hat for a friend. I’ve got a new design in mind – aran weight knitted top down.  I’ll share the pattern when it’s finished.


These boots were made for walking!!!

Last week I was planning… this week I’m catching up with all the stuff that didn’t get done over the busy pre Christmas period.

It’s killing me, returning a big pile of overdue library books, getting my hair cut, taking the cardboard mountain to the recycle centre, dropping off several bags of stuff at the charity shop… blah blah blah…. I just want to be DOING, MAKING…. 😱😱

The saving grace of this ‘admin day’ as I’m calling it is putting my much loved boots in for repair, and the cobbler says they can be fixed AND I get to pick them up on Saturday. YEY!

I know though that all of this is necessary, clearing the decks ready for the work to come. Later today I will be able to look through the quotes for my projects without all those ‘things to do’ distracting me. So however much it feels like I’m ‘not getting anything done’ or that I’m ‘standing still’ which are my 2 main frustrations, I know that I am. I know that progress does not always look like progress and doing doesn’t necessarily mean progress. And above all if there is one thing I need to learn it is patience!!


Life; based on a true story.

When I was studying Fashion at Falmouth School of Art, I loved to look at the design books of the designers…  I loved the wonderful fashion illustration, the mood boards and so on.  In my year there was a girl there who used to do the most striking design drawings, I can’t remember her name, it was a long time ago.  Many years on here I am with a list of colours and a question mark as to whether to use Mallard with the storm or Ice Gem…. Oh yes, that decision I made … I decided that the Flax needed to go and replaced it with Storm.  I’m still sad that I’ve not included Marni – the wonderful red in the Erika Knight Collection.

So I’ve got my designs, I’ve knitted them in a super chunky yarn but not the Erika Knight yarn so it’s the moment of truth.  When the yarn arrives I’ll cast on and see if my designs and the patterns I’ve sketched out work.  The Erika Knight comes up a bit smaller than the Super Chunky I’ve used for the ‘roughs’ – I’ve tried to allow for that.  I’m also working on different sizes for the Cape,  working up a UK 8-12 and a 14 -18.

It’s a process you never get to see in the books about fashion designers, I guess a list with errors and question marks might not portray the right image!  That’s a shame. We create myths around things where errors and questions are erased… that’s so often true in the stories we tell ourselves and the ones we tell others. The best we are able to offer is as Derran Brown said in his show one based on a true story.  We leave the bits out that don’t suit us at the time for better or for worse.

Facebook and other social media gives us the edited highlights of others lives.  I know for myself  that every now and then when ‘Timehop’ presents me with a picture full of happiness and good times I was having a pretty miserable day.  I’ve since endeavoured to make my posts more authentic.  On the flip side, the stories I tell myself about myself, when examined are not accurate either, you know the sort, when you’re having a bad day and make it worse by falling into the ‘worst person in the world’ hole. So here I am, in my 40’s and in everything I do I try to find the truth of things. Not the ‘based on a true story’ truth but a truth borne out of examining facts with understanding and a critical eye.


Decision made…..?


I’m not feeling very decisive today and I’m also being massively allergic to something today, streaming nose, sore throat, itchy mouth and eyes, the works….but it’s STILL on my list of things to do…”Choose colours for ‘Home Spun’ range.  It’s been there for over a week, winking at me from the page.  So, I’ve sorted the internet out – should have a new box in a few days hopefully, hoovered, cleared through a load of stuff that needed sorting…you know the usual procrastination.  Enough!

After much deliberation, I think I have arrived at a decision for the colours.  Artisan, Mallard, Geranium, Pretty, Ice Gem, Flax.  They all work well together as well as independently and will work well with the designs I’ve come up with.

Later today I’ll order the yarn and the knitting needles but first of all I need some time out, to let the decision settle. I’d love to go for a run to clear my head bur my knees are sore today.  I’ll go for a walk with some good tunes and come back to it… see if I feel the same. I’d have loved Marni, the red… I still might.