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Naked Needles

I have naked needles!!!!!! After finishing a rather lovely cable knit boxy sweater I’m dithering; what shall I knit? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Hmmmmmm. Alice wants me to knit her one just like it but we know how this ends. Everything I have ever knitted her is either lost or ummm well lost…. Anyway I’m busy checking patterns for my in knitting book.

Am I the only person who gets jittery when I don’t have a project on the go?

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Work in progress.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything ; I’ve not been idle. A few things have come up so I’ve had to think creatively. Some of the colours in the super chunky range have been discontinued by the supplier. The blue, the orange so I’ve been looking at other colour combinations and also another suppliers of a similar yarn and seeing how it compares. So far it’s very favourable, working through the patterns,making sure they knit up the same size, feel good, look good.

I’ve found a really rich red, and a powder blue that sing to me and work well with the other colours. Also I’ve been working with some different chunky colours. Also I’ve been working on some new designs.  I can’t help feeling somewhat distracted, disconnected. It’s not a great feeling but sometimes I think we have to sit with our feelings. See where they lead us, Sometimes I learn more this way, new things present themselves, things I wouldn’t have found otherwise. There is also a risk however that I take a route that has no benefit at all other than to be a mistake to learn from!

So while I dilly and dally (or at least that’s what it feels like) I’m working on nice little lined summer bag and I’ve been asked to knit a hat for a friend. I’ve got a new design in mind – aran weight knitted top down.  I’ll share the pattern when it’s finished.