Never too young!

I had a lovey time at the market at Bovey Tracey. It was a great atmosphere and dry!

A family came to look at my stuff and one of the young boys was really into sewing and was also interested in the knitting. He said “I have a really good question, how do you start from nothing?” What a good question!

I was delighted to be able to show him how I cast on and I hope he finds my YouTube tutorials helpful. I love how many young people, boys as well as girls are interested in knitting – a whole new generation. I’m honoured if I can be in some small way a catalyst to inspiring a love of creating and making things. 🙏🏼❤️


I CAN go to the ball!!!

It’s funny how things work out, I booked a market ages ago, it’s a Christmas Lights turning on thing. Anyway it was looking like I wouldn’t be able to do it and I was disappointed and also annoyed with myself.

My inner voice has been muttering about how I should’ve thought things through better blah blah blah. What my inner voice doesn’t know, couldn’t know is that good things happen … turns out I can go do the market. Good things happen because people are kind. It’s easy to forget that when the news is full of such terrible things.

I am forever grateful for the kind people in my life, my wonderful husband, supportive friends and the random act of kindness by strangers. Kindness is like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you use it. And often times we, I , need to use it more towards myself and not just those around me. I know I’m not alone in this.

So I’ve spent the evening getting ready, tomorrow I will be nipping into Argos for some lights and then joining in the Christmas Spirit at Bovey Tracy…. Yey!!!!


Knitting natters…

IMG_5562I want to share a lovely story with you.  A gentleman visited my stall in a Wells. I was knitting and he was interested in what I was knitting. we started chatting. To my amazement, he told me that he’d been knitting for 70 years.

A very spritely 81 years young, he’d been bombed out of London in the war and had gone to live with his grandmother in Epping. She’d had 14 children, he was the son of her eldest. He told me they used to go for walks in the forest and that she had taught him how to knit.

He said he knitted mittens kike a demon throughout the war, and she taught him how to knit Fairisle. He commented  that it was a sort of therapy for him after being in London during the bombings and that his Grandmother was a very kind woman for teaching him. Later in life he knitted jumpers for all of his grandchildren.

I’d love you to share your knitting stories with me by contacting me below


I’m so excited! …. WIP


At the weekend I split milk all over my ‘phone.  No point crying over that one, the screen is gradually becoming less and less responsive but this gentle decline is at least giving me enough time to back everything up!  Anyway a new one will be winging its way to me drekly. As well as some software which will hopefully transform the design process – well that’s the promise!  I’ve also bought my husband his Christmas present which is super exciting as I know he will love it.  I will want to give to him as soon as it arrives; hopefully I can be restrained and keep it a secret until Christmas Day!

I found the pattern notes I’d made for the gauntlet mittens that I sold before working out the pattern. With these scant scribbles and the photo I should be able to work it out.  BUT THE MOST EXCITING THING…


I’m working on some new pieces and I am so excited.  Almost frenzied.  This is how it feels when I’m working on something new.  I feel like I’m fizzing inside! There’s a beautiful muffler and a lovely gentle contouring hat, plus a cape and so much more…. I’m making a start….. and smiling from ear to ear.

NB, please forgive any typos or spelling – my screen is dark blue and some of the touch screen areas don’t work xx


Reasons to be thankful

I’m in town today, I’ve been busking by the Christmas market and then later I’m playing at a late night shopping event. This means I have 3 hours ‘down time’ .

I’ve come to the local arts centre and am sitting in the bar. As a treat I ordered cauliflower and coconut Dahl; I never cook it at home as no one except me likes coconut. In between eating and people watching I’ve been working on a simple muffler.

This feels like a holiday. Although it’s technically a long work day, I love what I do; it doesn’t feel like a grind. And the impromptu lunch at the arts centre reminds me even more how lucky I am.

Some people believe that they could never land on hard times because they’re well educated and prosperous. I know that this is just a facade to protect themselves from the reality of our fragility. All of us are only a few very real and possible steps from falling on hard times. So I am thankful every day, that I have a loving family and genuinely wonderful friends. That I have enough, that I have enough by doing what I love. That I am healthy. I am rich in the things that money cannot buy.




Today was a good day.  Up just after 5am and on the road to market wearing just about every thermal top I own!  It was a beautiful morning driving as it was getting light and just my thoughts for company.

When I started out on this Makery adventure, way back, I didn’t know if I’d like doing markets. The whole standing around talking to people thing. I didn’t let that stop me; not because I’m particularly brave, I just didn’t think about it too much. Luckily it turns out I like it. Like just about everything in life, you don’t know until you try.

Anyway, lots of lovely chats, I finished a rather lovely green Aran cape-u-chino and started super chunky top down cape… somewhat of an experiment. All that chatting means I somehow have 111 stitches instead of 108… no matter…it’s fine.

Home in time to see my angel before she went to bed and some lovely cuddles and my lovely husband cooked a fab tea, I am blessed. I am also still cold!  So snuggled up under a blanket watching NCIS and knitting. 😁❤️🙏