I CAN go to the ball!!!

It’s funny how things work out, I booked a market ages ago, it’s a Christmas Lights turning on thing. Anyway it was looking like I wouldn’t be able to do it and I was disappointed and also annoyed with myself.

My inner voice has been muttering about how I should’ve thought things through better blah blah blah. What my inner voice doesn’t know, couldn’t know is that good things happen … turns out I can go do the market. Good things happen because people are kind. It’s easy to forget that when the news is full of such terrible things.

I am forever grateful for the kind people in my life, my wonderful husband, supportive friends and the random act of kindness by strangers. Kindness is like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you use it. And often times we, I , need to use it more towards myself and not just those around me. I know I’m not alone in this.

So I’ve spent the evening getting ready, tomorrow I will be nipping into Argos for some lights and then joining in the Christmas Spirit at Bovey Tracy…. Yey!!!!


Gentleness and Balance


I wanted to work on puppets today… but I didn’t sleep.  Well that’s not true, I slept with my little girl which amounts to the same thing really. And that’s on the back of several really rubbish nights sleep.  Anyway, I felt pretty rough… so after teaching Pilates this morning I took a nap and I felt a bit better but not for long. It’s frustrating.

Time was I would have ploughed on regardless.  Thinking maybe I have some sort of magic energy pot. I don’t. No one does.  There’s only so much gas in the can and I’ve got three classes to teach tonight.  So a day of fairly easy admin. Trying to decide on colours (ok not so easy).  Working out how many 10mm needles I’ll need etc.  So no puppets today.

The world won’t notice if the puppets aren’t started today but I will and it will cost me in energy and imbalance.  And chances are I’ll make a right cods of it and burn myself no end with the hot glue etc etc.  Today is about being gentle with myself.  After all, I was a friend of mine and I came over all tired, I wouldn’t start cracking the whip yelling ‘come on get some work done’.  I’d make coffee and hunt round for some cake.  I’m kind like that.  Be kind to everyone, but most of all yourself.