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Two steps forward, one step back.. that’s what learning looks like

This afternoon I settled down in my Makery and had a go at adding an edging. I’d not done it before and was quite excited.

I realised fairly early on that my usual relaxed knitting style was too loose. That rectified, I was happy with the result but it didn’t do what I thought it would. My intention was that it would stop the ubiquitous stocking stitch curl edge. It didn’t. Lesson learned. Well 3 actually.

1) I tried something new and as a technique I was pleased with the result.

2) I discovered that the edging doesn’t stop the edge curling.

3) I learned I was brave enough to undo my work rather than try and make good…. I know I’m not alone in being reluctant to do this!

So going forward, the next version will have a garter edge and I’ll knit it in one piece with contrasting yarns. I’m looking forward to that. And now I’m going to make a start on the back; some lovely cable work there to get stuck into. Oh and resist the urge to buy more yarn…. I’ve made this sign for my makery…😂😂😂

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Accidents will happen!

Remember yesterday I said my pattern was still in my illegible shorthand? Hmmm… I forgot to write down the increase at row 40. So that’s why I’m unraveling stitch by stitch … ho hum.

It could be worse, I’m sitting by a fire in my makery den with only the sounds of the trees and passing trains. Did I mention the fire?

Anyway, I sewed up the first leg today and it fits nicely. Some leg /ankle warmers are made for skinny Minnie’s. Not here. Remember strong is the new skinny. I’m catering for calf muscles! I’ll work out a narrow version, in the interests of diversity!

Anyway having just one on made me want to break out my cool roller skates… yes, I think these are mine!!! All mine!!!!

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Yarn horror story 😳😳😱😱

I’ve got those ‘Not going to have enough yarn to finish this project’ blues…

I weighed it before I started… it should have been enough… having said that I’m having to use my old baking scales ever since I accidentally dropped my super accurate digital ones in the (full) washing up bowl… note to self buy new scales….

If I can’t get some more, I guess I could use a contrasting colour.., hmmm time to get creative – either that or frog the whole thing and knit something else…

Still on the bright side, I’ve enjoyed knitting it… every cloud has a silver lining….

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Tell me why… ( I don’t like long metal knitting needles)

I don’t like metal knitting needles AT ALL. My lovely bamboo interchangeable 5mm snapped at the weekend; I know, tragic!

I rooted through my needles and found some needles… it felt like knitting with oars they felt so long. And then my knitting technique of working really close to the tips proved problematic as the bleddy things are so slippery that the stitches were sliding off. The yarn is quite fluffy so when you drop stitches it’s a devil of a job to see what’s going on. So anyway the rib isn’t quite right in places but I’m ok with that, it’ll be near the back and today isn’t the day for perfectionism,

So thats why I knit with circular needles; everything feels so much more manageable and the stitches stay on … also I wasn’t able to shove the work in my bag as I was pretty sure it would have all have slipped off / lost a needle / some other knitting disaster. Anyway I’ve got one more row of rib and a cast off to do, I’m saving that until I get back from teaching tonight. Then tomorrow I’ll have a new hat and the pattern will have been quadruple checked. Yey for me.

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Tried and tested

Im a bit of a perfectionist…. if it’s possible to be ‘a bit’ of a perfectionist! I test each design and patten I come up with The first time I make something I rarely write anything down, apart from the occasional scrappy note.

Once it is made I write a pattern based on what I can see and then knit to the pattern checking whether I’ve written it out correctly.

Sometimes I give the pattern to someone else to try out, sometimes I don’t. Then I try it out with a different yarn to see how it works. Sometimes I decide that it’s not something I want to pursue, other times I do.

It’s a game of wait and see. I’ve knitted more duds than not! Life is like that, frustrating as it is. We all want to get things right first time – well I do. But that’s unrealistic and actually there’s a great deal of enjoyment and learning in the mistakes.


Fits like a glove ….

I was trying out something new. Merida (the doll) is sporting a rather fetching knitted dress. It was supposed to be a glove.

A glove for a giant that is. I went down a needle size and miscalculated how many stitches I’d need. Ho hum. Every cloud has a silver lining; the little one is delighted.

So back to the drawing board but not before some more cleaning. In autumn and winter I have a little amnesty on cobwebs, after all spiders need a home too 🕷 !!!! But it’s getting warmer.. they can start making their home outside.

Then later, I’ll start again.