Going back to my roots!!!

After a challenging but rewarding yoga class I feel calm enough to attempt bleaching my roots ready for some colour…it’s long overdue so fingers crossed I haven’t messed it up and it all falls out in the bath tub when I rinse it as using a new product 😳

It’s always interesting going to a class – something I don’t do so often … it energises and corrects my home practice and reminds me how twisted and off balance I am… physically not mentally, well not this week anyway!! Thank you nikki😇!

I’m still musing over the coming year.. what will my priorities be? A commitment to address the environmental challenges we face is right up there, if somewhat frustrated by my allergy to wool.

My hair is at the slightly worrisome ‘custard’ stage and I am reminded of one Sunday years ago. I had washed the bleach off too early and ended up calling my good friend, Debs to ‘sort it out’ …. she did. Miracle worker! Anyway I digress, but then I think… all that bleach, all those Chemicals..

I will be posting a questionnaire online soon and I’d be grateful if people would fill it it and share to help we with my planning.



We’ve turned the corner’

My wonderful little angel shrieked with joy when she opened the front door this morning. “Take a picture!” She insisted.

Just look at that sun on the bare winter trees! Moments later it was gone but how welcome! We have officially turned the corner towards longer days. Also I’ve finished work now for Christmas 🎄😃😃.

Last market✔️

Last busking ✔️

Last project✔️

All done.

And now is time to kick back and enjoy the Christmas preparations with Alice. The shopping is mostly done, the woods is just about ready so it’s mainly wrapping and finishing touches. Jerri, my husband will be back Christmas Eve and then it’s properly the holidays! Family time. Time for friends.

And then it’ll be time to reflect on the year. The progress made, there’s plenty to be proud of. But also what’s important for the coming year, what I want to do more of, what I want to change.

If I don’t get around to blogging before Christmas Day, which I might not have a wonderful time. 🎄❤️🙏🏼


While you were sleeping

Who needs sleep! Super proud of my Erika Knight capelet – knitted in ‘pretty’ a gentle dusky pink. I even remembered to write stuff down as I knitted… how novel! If I can read my notes I’ll be knitting another in artisan with a mallard contrast next.

Adding the finishing touches of beautiful light tan leather buttons. It’ll be on my stall tomorrow at Wells and on my Ready Mades page when I get a good photo. It fits Uk size 10-14. Is it bedtime yet 💤💤💤 ❤️ 🙏🏼


Top tip for mitts (and leg warmers and socks)

The lovely thing about doing markets is chatting to other knitters. Yesterday I was chatting with a lady who knits socks. I was impressed.

I don’t have the patience you see, I knit one and then kinda lose the will. It’s a marvel that I knit mitts at all. She nodded. Then she shared with me her trick. She has them both on the go at the same time. She copied the pattern ad marks where she is in each one so as not to get confused. That way they both get finished around the same time. Bloomin’ marvellous!!!

I’d love to hear about your top knitting tips! 🙏❤️



One of the things I love about knitting something new is that I’m never sure how it’s going to turn out. I’m pretty pleased with my most recent creation.

This top down cape takes 400g of yarn. I must admit to holding my breath as I was casting off as it was a close call with the yarn. Some changes here and there but nothing major. Of course I didn’t make any notes so I’m going to have to sit there and work it out but never mind.

Now if only I had 4 buttons I could finish it. You’d think in that ubiquitous button box you’d have 4 the same…. nope. I have a selection of suitable candidates but only 3 of each. I did think about a mix and match but it needs to be right.

So after busking tomorrow I’ll have to go to John Lewis’ or somewhere to get some sturdy wooden buttons. Note to self… take the thing with you as you won’t remember how big they need to be! Oh and I’ll try not to buy any more yarn…. ahem.




Today was a good day.  Up just after 5am and on the road to market wearing just about every thermal top I own!  It was a beautiful morning driving as it was getting light and just my thoughts for company.

When I started out on this Makery adventure, way back, I didn’t know if I’d like doing markets. The whole standing around talking to people thing. I didn’t let that stop me; not because I’m particularly brave, I just didn’t think about it too much. Luckily it turns out I like it. Like just about everything in life, you don’t know until you try.

Anyway, lots of lovely chats, I finished a rather lovely green Aran cape-u-chino and started super chunky top down cape… somewhat of an experiment. All that chatting means I somehow have 111 stitches instead of 108… no matter…it’s fine.

Home in time to see my angel before she went to bed and some lovely cuddles and my lovely husband cooked a fab tea, I am blessed. I am also still cold!  So snuggled up under a blanket watching NCIS and knitting. 😁❤️🙏