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Love it when a plan comes together!

red and geen maxi headbands.JPGSo AGES ago (like nearly a year ago)I bought a DSLR camera. Naively I thought ‘How hard can it be?’ well pretty hard, in fact so hard that I then didn’t touch it for ages! Thanks to my wonderful and supportive husband, I went on a course at the weekend where I learned the basics. I came home brimful of enthusiasm and confidence that I would be able to take some nice pictures and then BOOOOM! Suddenly nothing worked and my confidence was somewhat bashed.

Still not to be deterred I switched the camera from Aperture Priority to Manual and took some photos anyway…. some of them came out ok too.  It’s a steep learning curve but one I am enjoying.  Anyway today I popped into Jessops (other camera shops are available!) and got some help.  They were lovely and sorted me out …. Exposure Compensation thingie had been accidentally altered … well now I know!

So this evening I took a deep breath and shoved the memory card in and managed to get the photo off the card onto my laptop and then here! I love my Levano yoga book more and more! BINGO! check out my GORGEOUS maxi ear warmers. Soon to be on Etsy so watch this space!

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A super successful trawl through the charity shop button box! A bit of a clean and they’ll look good as new. These are quite different from the buttons in the shops right now and often things like this inspire the designing process.

Next time you’re out why not nip into your local charity shop. They often have all sorts of haberdashery items and knitting needles at a fraction of the price, saving precious world resources AND you’re helping a good cause.

A friend of mine buys pure wool jumpers and unravels them to make new ones, now that is commitment! The only thing I steer away from is old balls of wool which could be riddled with moths etc. Having said that I take yarn in that I know I’m never going to use rather than it sitting in my stash reminding me of my bad yarn choices!

Also, lots of the charity shops have knitting groups making things to sell in the shop. Often they’ll stash the yarn that people bring in and dish it out to the knitting groups to use. Everyone’s a winner!


Great Expectations


Christmas is just around the corner. A is literally bouncing off the walls in excitement. She’s changing her Christmas list every hour it seems which is unfortunate as none of the gifts we’ve bought her are actually on it…. maybe Santa will do some magic….

I am mid flow with my Christmas knitting working on the side panel of the floor cushion.  You know I’m going to add to the pattern to maybe knit this first …leave the more interesting circle bit to the end….having said that it’s been perfect for me as I’ve been ill and it’s been good and straightforward. My Husband keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and I can barely think of a thing…. Pistachio Turkish Delight, Warm Socks (I have those already)…ummmmmmm.

I remember as a kid asking my aged relatives (ok they weren’t that old, they just seemed it) what they wanted and they’d say ‘Nothing, I have everything’ and I would think they were insane…. seems I’ve turned into that aged relative. Except I don’t feel insane as I know I’ll have everything that’s important on Christmas Day. We’re having it up the woods. It’s going to be magical because it’s about people not stuff.

That’s not to say we don’t get swept up in the whole Christmas Frenzy…. today we’re going on a steam train to see Santa… but shhhhhhh it’s a secret.. A has no idea! So best get on… it’s not going to wait for us!!!!


Knitting natters…

IMG_5562I want to share a lovely story with you.  A gentleman visited my stall in a Wells. I was knitting and he was interested in what I was knitting. we started chatting. To my amazement, he told me that he’d been knitting for 70 years.

A very spritely 81 years young, he’d been bombed out of London in the war and had gone to live with his grandmother in Epping. She’d had 14 children, he was the son of her eldest. He told me they used to go for walks in the forest and that she had taught him how to knit.

He said he knitted mittens kike a demon throughout the war, and she taught him how to knit Fairisle. He commented  that it was a sort of therapy for him after being in London during the bombings and that his Grandmother was a very kind woman for teaching him. Later in life he knitted jumpers for all of his grandchildren.

I’d love you to share your knitting stories with me by contacting me below


Baby it’s cold outside!

Definitely a two hat day today, that and the other 8 layers! But what a beautiful morning. Jack Frost had visited and left his mark. Glorious!

So I’m in Wells again today, the sun is shining. I’ve got myself a card reader so can finally take card payments. Already I have had some lovely chats with fellow knitters. My hands are a bit cold for knitting the cape-u-chino I’m working on but they’ll soon warm up once I start.

Here’s the thing, back along in what feels like another lifetime ago I was considering training to be a PE teacher. One of the deciding factors against was that I couldn’t bear the thought of being out in the cold all winter. Ho! And here I am, standing in the cold and not minding. I guess when you want to do something you do it whatever!


Top tip for mitts (and leg warmers and socks)

The lovely thing about doing markets is chatting to other knitters. Yesterday I was chatting with a lady who knits socks. I was impressed.

I don’t have the patience you see, I knit one and then kinda lose the will. It’s a marvel that I knit mitts at all. She nodded. Then she shared with me her trick. She has them both on the go at the same time. She copied the pattern ad marks where she is in each one so as not to get confused. That way they both get finished around the same time. Bloomin’ marvellous!!!

I’d love to hear about your top knitting tips! 🙏❤️