Stall Stories

One of the things I enjoy about doing craft markets is chatting to people. That’s actually unusual for me as I’m probably the most unsociable person I know!

Anyway, at the Two Bridges Hotel at the weekend ( in the middle of glorious and dramatic Dartmoor) I got chatting to a lady who was impressed that I can knot standing up. I explained it was a necessity as it’s the only way I can get any done with my little one around…

The lady was joined by her husband who laughed, he reminded her that she continues to knit when she dozes off in the chair!!!! The lady laughed as well “But I never stick to the pattern and have to undo it all the next day!”

Whatever! That’s some skills; sleep-knitting!!!!


Spinning plates!

So this is the second day of frankfurter sausage casserole with dumplings and very tasty it is too. I’ve been busy all day but it feels like I haven’t achieved much. My husband and I are both super busy at this time of year as many people are.

I’ve fallen behind on so many home jobs, not gotten very far with my things to do list and in 20 minutes I’ll be waiting at the school gates. I’m feeling like I’m going backwards and I’ve misplaced my special green hat to top it all! Feeling a bit sorry for myself. 😒

I have managed to make space to hide the boxes and parcels that are mounting up resulting in several bags to go to the charity shop. Done some shopping so A has a packed lunch tomorrow and celebrated the season with the ladies and gent who come to my Pilates class. So actually quite a bit accomplished. Maybe my list is just unrealistic!

When we are spinning lots of plates sometimes some will drop. Sometimes I focus too much on the dropping rather than the ones that are still spinning. Sometimes I don’t have to spin so many plates in the first place.


Top tip for mitts (and leg warmers and socks)

The lovely thing about doing markets is chatting to other knitters. Yesterday I was chatting with a lady who knits socks. I was impressed.

I don’t have the patience you see, I knit one and then kinda lose the will. It’s a marvel that I knit mitts at all. She nodded. Then she shared with me her trick. She has them both on the go at the same time. She copied the pattern ad marks where she is in each one so as not to get confused. That way they both get finished around the same time. Bloomin’ marvellous!!!

I’d love to hear about your top knitting tips! 🙏❤️




Today was a good day.  Up just after 5am and on the road to market wearing just about every thermal top I own!  It was a beautiful morning driving as it was getting light and just my thoughts for company.

When I started out on this Makery adventure, way back, I didn’t know if I’d like doing markets. The whole standing around talking to people thing. I didn’t let that stop me; not because I’m particularly brave, I just didn’t think about it too much. Luckily it turns out I like it. Like just about everything in life, you don’t know until you try.

Anyway, lots of lovely chats, I finished a rather lovely green Aran cape-u-chino and started super chunky top down cape… somewhat of an experiment. All that chatting means I somehow have 111 stitches instead of 108… no matter…it’s fine.

Home in time to see my angel before she went to bed and some lovely cuddles and my lovely husband cooked a fab tea, I am blessed. I am also still cold!  So snuggled up under a blanket watching NCIS and knitting. 😁❤️🙏


Things I love about knitting


I was in Wells today with my stall. I really enjoyed myself.  Standing there, knitting, chatting to people about knitting, finding out what sort of knitting people like to do.  One lady told me all about her lace knitting, imagine the many millions of stitches that involves.  Another lady told me she’s bought herself a spinning wheel. I can’t help thinking of sleeping beauty when anyone mentions spinning wheels.

Even when I’m not on my stall (I often knit before I start busking)  I find myself talking to people I would never have normally because I’m knitting.  Quite simply, Knitting brings out the ‘Social’ in people; and you should know, I’m probably one of the least sociable people I know…. until you put knitting needles in my hands.  So that’s one of the many reasons I love knitting