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Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!

I’m 46 today. No shame there. Many people aren’t that lucky, and luckier still I get to enjoy it with my wonderful husband. I taught Pilates first thing and the kind and ever thoughtful ladies (and gent) remembered and signed a card and gave me a lovely rose plant 🌹. I’ll be teaching classes later on today but I’m good with that. It doesn’t feel like work, none of what I do does; how good is that!

So here I am working on my Imp Hat (for kids) ; I initially did it top down and now seeing how it works bottom up. Then we’re going out for lunch before picking up our kind and funny daughter. Today feels like the best day ever!!!

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Knitting not swimming

Don’t get me wrong, I love swimming. I find it meditative. But that’s when I’m doing lengths on my own. It’s just me and the water and my mind quietens. Swimming with the girl is entirely different and not at all meditative.

Ok the joy of watching the girl grow in confidence in the water in wonderful, and the socialising with the other mums is great. But some days I just don’t want have to get wet to do it.

Why? Oh you know… There’s the trying to get changed before the girl flings open the door to the communal changing room, then there’s the getting cold and have I mentioned getting cold oh and staying cold for hours. So while I don’t hate it, some days I don’t relish it. Today was one of those days!

Today the Gods were with me … she went swimming with another parent. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼. I very gratefully watched her from the comfort of the cafe, in the warm. I drank coffee, I started knitting a tension square, I could be proud and warm at the same time.

I still don’t know what to do with the yarn. It’s ‘too nice’ you know that feeling? Like the dinner service you keep for best. But at least now I know how many stitches and rows it’ll take to knit whatever it is. It feels summery some how. So I’ll wait I guess until the whatever it is comes to me. Ommmm 🙏🏼❤️

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Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day. The shelves have been full of weird cuddly toys and sloganed tat for weeks now. I’ve said it before, no mother wants that, of course they’ll appreciate the thought, especially if the little angel has chosen it themselves (one time my little one bought me a paw patrol figure and vehicle – don’t ask me which one – I have no idea). I feel so lucky, the school helped the little one make a lovely card and she went to the trouble of hiding it until today. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love working in greens, it’s my favourite colour… the colour of the heart chakra, it resonates with me. And look – not only some glorious tulips but some sumptuous yarn to play with. I’ve already started a boho hat in the light green. Mine. Not for sale. I might even get some leg warmer mojo on the go. Also not for sale.

Anyway, best crack on … stitches to knit, work to admire!


Home Spun – capes and family capers

I’m really enjoying knitting with the Erika Knight Maxi wool… a few rookie errors

1) don’t rub your eyes while knitting if you’re allergic to wool….

2) don’t try and wind the hank in to a ball while standing up at a windy market…

3) don’t let your five year old ANYWHERE NEAR IT when trying to untangle the mess you made at the market

Yesterday I discovered that an extra pair of hands ‘Little House on the Prairie’ style works wonderfully especially when said 5 year old happily playing elsewhere and a you have a nice cup of earl grey and some malted milk biscuits on the go!

I’ve also taken to knitting in the kitchen because the spirited 5 year old wants to learn to knit and has decided that the cape I’m knitting is the ideal place to start. Me: let me start you off with these needles here [offers some nice child friendly needles and yarn] no mummy, I’ll finish that for you. Just no.

I’m starting to shape the shoulders and debating how I’m going to do the neckline… I’ve plenty of drawings but being quite kinaesthetic I’m not entirely sure how to do it until I get there so that’ll have to wait until later when I’ve got some quiet time.

In the mean time the little one and I are having a slow day, watching Annie and eating toast thinking about getting dressed ( her not me… not yet mummy I’m drawing). It’s a busy time of year for us all so it’s nice to have some downtime, well for us anyway… my husband is working hard delighting the folk of Bath with his busking and won’t get a proper break til after Christmas 🎄

So I feel very lucky. ❤️🙏🏼


Grateful not hateful!

Sometimes its hard to feel grateful, Sometimes it feels like the world is gunning for you and all you want to do is curse and stamp your feet…. or is that just me? Like the days when everything you do goes wrong, things break, take too long, aren’t what you expected…. ahhhh expectations… the constant companion of the let down and disappointed!

Just to be clear here, I’m not some kind of guru of calm. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, anyone who  knows me knows I’m as messed up as the next person, but mostly they like me anyway and for that I am truly grateful.

So when I’m struggling with life, this short meditation is like a semi colon in my internal ranting and raging. Sometimes I listen to it while I knit, other times I just sit. And it never fails. I might not be a pool of calm at the end but I have perspective and I’ve had a few moments to consider what I am grateful for – having my wonderful husband in my life, a wild and spirited daughter, friends I could call on in the middle of the night and find a warm welcome and the opportunity to pursue my talents. I am very lucky. And I am mood lifts from hateful to grateful.

Thank you.



I CAN go to the ball!!!

It’s funny how things work out, I booked a market ages ago, it’s a Christmas Lights turning on thing. Anyway it was looking like I wouldn’t be able to do it and I was disappointed and also annoyed with myself.

My inner voice has been muttering about how I should’ve thought things through better blah blah blah. What my inner voice doesn’t know, couldn’t know is that good things happen … turns out I can go do the market. Good things happen because people are kind. It’s easy to forget that when the news is full of such terrible things.

I am forever grateful for the kind people in my life, my wonderful husband, supportive friends and the random act of kindness by strangers. Kindness is like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you use it. And often times we, I , need to use it more towards myself and not just those around me. I know I’m not alone in this.

So I’ve spent the evening getting ready, tomorrow I will be nipping into Argos for some lights and then joining in the Christmas Spirit at Bovey Tracy…. Yey!!!!


Sometimes we all do…


People who know me know that sometimes I can get a bit ‘stabby’, They know that I am far from being some kind of serenity guru.  So if you’re reading and enjoying my blogs, thank you, I appreciate it and you need to know that things get under my skin… first world things. Like……

  1. People who don’t say thank you – like how hard is it? Two. Words.
  2. When people seem to go out of their way to be unhappy, like the guy who used to come to my  Body Pump class, stand directly under the speaker and then complain the music was too loud Every, Single. Class
  3. When people wait until the lights have turned green before even thinking about getting into gear.  Seriously, it’s not a surprise is it?!

Now some days these things don’t bother me,  other times they do. And then I have to have a word with myself.

  1. Sometimes I don’t say thank you.  Some times I have so much on I forget those 2 words.
  2. Although I have NEVER been able to send something to my printer and then walk away and come back to it being printed, I still merrily click print, walk away and then get really cross when I come back and for some mystical reason the thing has stopped printing.
  3. Sometimes I don’t get into gear on time, Sometimes I’m miles away, in a world of my own.

While I’m having a word with myself, I remind myself that all of this is so petty anyway, none of it really matters. What I also remind myself is that underneath we all have our struggles, I am no more or less flawed than anyone else. When it comes to sharing ideas as to how to live a calmer and happier life, I am in as good a position as anyone.  I know how it feels to be a bit ‘stabby’,  I know some things that can help.  And then I reach for my knitting.