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Spending time, not money.

knitting pile1Today our American Friends are celebrating Thanksgiving. Tomorrow many people in Europe and American will go on spending frenzy. I like the idea of being Thankful. I don’t subscribe to the whole Black Friday spending frenzy. I don’t do it. So please don’t expect any ‘Black Friday’ deals. I’m not doing any.  I don’t buy anything on Black Friday other than groceries and other essentials.

So tomorrow I will be spending my time doing the things I love with the people I love. That’s all.


Reasons to be thankful

I’m in town today, I’ve been busking by the Christmas market and then later I’m playing at a late night shopping event. This means I have 3 hours ‘down time’ .

I’ve come to the local arts centre and am sitting in the bar. As a treat I ordered cauliflower and coconut Dahl; I never cook it at home as no one except me likes coconut. In between eating and people watching I’ve been working on a simple muffler.

This feels like a holiday. Although it’s technically a long work day, I love what I do; it doesn’t feel like a grind. And the impromptu lunch at the arts centre reminds me even more how lucky I am.

Some people believe that they could never land on hard times because they’re well educated and prosperous. I know that this is just a facade to protect themselves from the reality of our fragility. All of us are only a few very real and possible steps from falling on hard times. So I am thankful every day, that I have a loving family and genuinely wonderful friends. That I have enough, that I have enough by doing what I love. That I am healthy. I am rich in the things that money cannot buy.