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It’s good to be back

Oh My Makery red fern infinityWell 2019 has been a super busy year so far with catastrophe and inconvenience as my near constant companions! It’s been a bit of a trial and I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t always been the picture of zen like calm. But that’s life, real life. not the sugar coated, special filtered Instagram life (although I am a fan of good ole Instagram). So rather than try and do everything, I’ve been focusing on what’s important. What I CAN get done, what I am in control of. That right there shows me how far I’ve come!

So, what have I been up to? Well, as always I’ve been knitting… tonight is a rare moment where I have empty needles! I’ve also collated a bunch of my favourite patterns together because I’M WRITING A BOOK! Yup, give me until the end of the year and there will be a book full of lovely things for you to knit, along with some of my thought on life and some pretty lovely bonus material.

It’s good to log on again. I’ll be back soon.

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Oh my! I just LOVE this. It’s going to be a wrench to sell it. It’ll suit those with long hair in a pony tail just as much as those with short hair…I really enjoyed knitting it, I love cable and am working on some new designs. The trick then will be to work out how to do them… I might need a grown up to help! Oh wait, I am the grown up… apparently.

I’m waiting for a new batch of Om charms to arrive so I can see them on, then expect to see a massive overhaul if my selling page and Etsy. Until then I’m working on a gorgeous ankle warmer in 100% wool. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t causing a few issues. I rubbed my eyes while knitting and it was game over for at least half an hour. Right now though I’m going to get back to my book, the one I’m writing in knitting. That one! 📖 while repeating the mantra, I know my stuff…