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Knitting for Nikki

I’ve knitted a hat for my friend and yoga teacher. It’s a lovely soft hat in a vintage heathery Aran. I hope she likes it. I certainly do which is a relief after the run on ‘Bad idea knits’ I’ve ended up with of late…

Today is about writing up the pattern so I can knit it again. I didn’t keep any notes while knitting except the bare minimum eg number of stitches cast on, when the pattern repeat started etc so it’s best I write it up quickly so I don’t forget.

I’ve got to be honest, it’s a flaming ball ache… it involves counting – lots. Have I mentioned before that I hate counting. I lose track all the time and so have created all sorts of weird and wonderful methods of annotating the work prior to writing it up in more traditional knitting terms.

Then in the middle of it all, just when I wanted to print off what I’d got so far (I’m not very good at reading from a screen) the internet went down and the printer is one of these wireless affairs. I get so cross which is I know is counterproductive and anyway it’s not like it’s a surprise; technology breaks down all the time. Why do I expect it to be faultless?!?!

Anyway I’ve done it now. Time to do some knitting and relax I think!!!



Time to practice

What do yoga and knitting have in common? Well they both keep me grounded. In this world where we are becoming less and less connected with each-other and the real, tangible world, that can only be a good thing.

See, I’m a worrier. If it was an Olympic sport I’d be gold medal standard. We are what we repeatedly do, we get better at what we practice and I have spent many years practicing and working my worry muscles.

So yoga, knitting, they work different muscles. The very act of doing them keeps me in the now and this bleeds out on to the rest of the canvas of my life.

When I first started yoga and people talked about their ‘practice’ I thought they were a bit nuts but over the years it makes more sense. So my aim is to practice the things that improve life; and practice makes permanent, if not perfect!


Going back to my roots!!!

After a challenging but rewarding yoga class I feel calm enough to attempt bleaching my roots ready for some colour…it’s long overdue so fingers crossed I haven’t messed it up and it all falls out in the bath tub when I rinse it as using a new product 😳

It’s always interesting going to a class – something I don’t do so often … it energises and corrects my home practice and reminds me how twisted and off balance I am… physically not mentally, well not this week anyway!! Thank you nikki😇!

I’m still musing over the coming year.. what will my priorities be? A commitment to address the environmental challenges we face is right up there, if somewhat frustrated by my allergy to wool.

My hair is at the slightly worrisome ‘custard’ stage and I am reminded of one Sunday years ago. I had washed the bleach off too early and ended up calling my good friend, Debs to ‘sort it out’ …. she did. Miracle worker! Anyway I digress, but then I think… all that bleach, all those Chemicals..

I will be posting a questionnaire online soon and I’d be grateful if people would fill it it and share to help we with my planning.